7 indications your partner disrespects you

Relationships require respect. Healthy, fulfilling relationships require it. Respect boosts each partner's self-esteem.

Trust and respect go together. We feel emotionally safe knowing our spouse will support us and respect our limitations.

Criticism and insults "You should lose weight," "you're too skinny," "you'd look better with more breasts," "you're stupid," "think about it," and "that's stupid" are signs of disrespect from your partner.

Your companion is unappreciative. They don't recognize your accomplishments, which might lower your self-esteem and ambition. 

Poor listening In a relationship, both partners must feel heard and cared for.

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Neglecting your emotional and physical needs might result from not listening. Your spouse may ignore your priorities, causing a relational imbalance.

Minimizing emotions Non-listening goes with this. It's disrespectful if your spouse doesn't consider your feelings, doesn't ask, or doesn't listen.

Breaking rules Respecting each person's autonomy includes couples. l.

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