7 Best Foods to Eat For Glowing Skin


Like Caprese or chips and salsa? You’re lucky.Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene, a carotenoid that protects skin from UV damage and cancer cells.


Did you know salmon is healthy for your skin? Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which keep skin moist, decrease inflammation, and protect against UV damage, according to Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Dustin Portela D.O., FAAD. Salmon's omega-3 fatty acids reduce redness and inflammation that dull skin. 


They rejuvenate. Blueberries, especially anthocyanins and vitamin C, protect your skin from free radicals and inflammation, says Portela. Vitamin C aids collagen formation and skin firmness and suppleness.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes and orange foods reverse time. Poon believes sweet potatoes contain carotenoids, which protect against UV damage and promote skin suppleness, moisture, and texture. “They prevent wrinkles and age spots.”


kimchi and sauerkraut maintain a healthy gut microbiome, which balances the skin microbiota and improves skin health. “Besides eating probiotic-rich foods, people can support gut health by avoiding inflammatory foods, eating a fiber-rich diet (lots of vegetables, fruits, and legumes), and taking a high-quality probiotic and prebiotic supplement.”


“Foods rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C—like oranges, lemons, kale, and strawberries—help protect your skin from damaging free radicals that can cause oxidative stress and lead to signs of aging, like wrinkles and sun spots

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed prevents fine wrinkles. Poon believes flaxseed oil's high ALA content boosts skin hydration and suppleness. It's anti-inflammatory too. “Systemic inflammation causes many skin conditions

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