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3 Relationship Mind Games Most Insecure Men Play

 It’s important to recognize mind games in relationships.

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Blaming is a dangerous game that can hurt both parties.


Blamers lack self-esteem and project their issues onto others.

 Take time alone to gain perspective on the situation.

 If the blame continues, it’s time to leave the relationship.

Shaming is a toxic and subtle form of manipulation.

Shamers tear you down to build themselves up due to co-dependency.

Don't engage with the shaming and walk away from the relationship.

Blamers and shamers often appear successful but struggle with low self-esteem.

 They may lie and throw their problems onto others.

 People with chronic low self-esteem need professional help.

 If someone refuses to stop playing mind games, it's time to let go.

3 Mind Games The Most Insecure Men Play In Relationships