2-In-1 Exercises To Tighten Your Abdomen And Back

Swan prep and single-leg kicks work the abdomen and back. This workout develops all back muscles for swan prep, improving back support and minimizing back discomfort.

Swan Prep & Single Leg Kicks

Core activation strengthens and stabilizes the abdominal muscles. Single leg kicks help your lower back stabilize and maintain a neutral stance. These muscles strengthen lower back stability and decrease strain.

Swan Prep & Single Leg Kicks

"Pilates requires you to work from your center," Logan adds. Abdominals, glutes, back, and upper back make up your center. Movements test your relationships.

Bracing or activating the abs isn't enough. Breathing into your upper back engages and maintains the abdominals. Then the arms and legs challenge the core and back from the center."

These workouts may be easily integrated into any training plan for spectacular results. Logan breaks down these two exercises:

Swan Prep: Lie on your stomach with your hands under your forehead. Relax your shoulders. Tailbone to heels. Step down.

Maintaining a heel-to-tailbone position Hover with hands, head, chest, and elbows off the mat. Repeat and lower. If you press your lower back down to elevate your chest, you have lost the abs and overworked your lower back.

Single Leg Kick: Rest on your forearms while lying on your stomach. Reach your tailbone to your heels while pulling your chest forward and lifting your frontal hip points off the floor.

Step on the mat. Kick one foot toward your seat twice. Repeat on the opposite side. Your abs are gone if your lower back collapses or your chest bounces off the legs.

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