10 Ways to Improve Your Daily Walk

Stretch it all out before you get going

Dr. Nguyen recommends extending your neck, shoulders, and hips every morning before walking. “It will prepare you for your morning walk and prevent aches and pains.”

Take a mini-walk several times a day

If you sit all day, stand, stretch, and take a 30-second stroll every 30 to 60 minutes. “Extra movement is good for your body and will help you add more steps during the day

Incorporate good music into your walk

Your favorite singer or peaceful white noise with nature sounds might make your stroll more pleasurable. Catching up on podcasts is also fun.

Explore a new route and get in touch with nature

If you can, walking outdoors may be fun. If you want to switch up your stroll around the block, try a new park or trail and take a brief hike.

Make sure to hydrate

It's true that all you need to go for a stroll is to stand up from your desk and go for a few minutes. In warmer months, bringing a bottle of water (plus points if it's lemon-flavored or effervescent) is essential to staying hydrated and enjoying your stroll.

Change into actual workout clothes

It takes effort, but wearing comfy clothes might help you get in the mood for a stroll. Feeling comfortable about what you're wearing may motivate you to go further or move up.

Make it a strength session combo

Weights might help you sweat more while walking and increase strength. Dr. Nguyen suggests increasing modest weights as tolerated for bone health.

Or make it a power walk

Walk faster to enhance cardiovascular impact. Jogging may boost your endorphins before you realize it.

Take a phone call while walking

Multitasking while walking may make you feel refreshed and productive, whether you're talking to a friend or family member or having a conference call without notes or a computer.

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