10 High-Protein Foods That Shrink Belly Fat


Eggs are sometimes vilified due of cholesterol debates. However, many experts recommend eggs as a lean protein source.


Protein supplements with fiber are ideal for weight reduction. Young recommends eating lentils regularly.


"Edamame is a nutritious legume high in protein, vitamins, and minerals that can be a snack, appetizer, or meal," explains Young. "You can order them at your favorite Japanese restaurant or buy them frozen to add protein to a salad or veggie dish."


Tempeh may replace meat in most recipes, and "It's a satisfying weight-loss friendly food that is fermented and good for the gut,"

Lean meats

Choosing particular meats as a protein source can make all the difference in losing weight. Lean meats including skinless chicken, turkey, pig loin, bison, white flesh fish, salmon, and shrimp provide high protein, low calories, good fats, and less processed components than red meat.


According to Cleveland Clinic, chickpeas are a complete protein because they include all nine necessary amino acids, which regulate metabolism and bodily function. Chickpeas' high protein and fiber content keeps you satiated longer, which is essential for weight loss and maintenance.


Whole-grain meals also provide lots of protein. Quinoa, a carb-like alternative for rice or pasta, is a complete protein with all nine necessary amino acids. The plant-based protein source will fill you up and help you lose weight by developing muscle and metabolism.

Black beans

Healthy carbs with high protein content are OK, especially while losing fat. Black beans are a gluten-free, plant-based carbohydrate with significant protein and fiber content. One eight-week trial found that beans and legumes were the main protein source and caused significant weight reduction.

Low-fat dairy

Although dairy products aren't known for aiding fat reduction, many people find that eating more dairy everyday helps speed up weight loss. Fat-free milk, cottage cheese, and low-fat Greek yogurt can meet your body's calcium and protein needs.

Whey protein

The original type of whey protein is found in milk and cheese. Milk and cheese curdling creates it, which includes eight protein groups and nine necessary amino acids. The BCAAs—leucine, isoleucine, and valine—are the most critical whey components for fat reduction and muscle building.

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